About GrillGrates UK

From one side of the pond to the other

It all started with our love for grillGrate

In 2021, The team at Callow Retail Ltd came across the GrillGrate brand and instantly fell in love with the product and wanted to help GrillGrates reach their global status and bring the brand to the UK. Callow Retail is now the Exclusive Grill Grates Disributor after building a strong relationship with the brand. 

About Callow Retail

Callow Retail has outdoor leisure and cooking at the heart of their operations. A family run business since 2009, Callow Retail has supplied a wide range of products to the Outdoor Leisure market. From BBQ's to Garden Furniture to wildlife habitats - you name it, we've got it. 


About Grill Grates

GrillGrates needed to be in the UK to change the BBQ experience for UK folk and thats why we are commited to making the brand available to everyone. Whether it be online, in your local BBQ stores, or in major retailers.